About Us

Our Vision

ProfPlus is a profile portal designed to make it easy to manage profile information including education, skills, achievements, and work experience easy to manage and monitor. ProfPlus enables profile information management easy to use.

ProfPlus provides higher level of customization of profile layout and dashboard. One can choose from varities of layouts and customize profile according to own choice. Color themes are available to choose from different color combinations to colorise your profile information

ProfPlus also makes it easy to share your profile information with others. Every user will be provided a unique username to easily access profile. Unique QR code can be generate from dashboard or profile page to digitally share profile information with others. Every QR scan will be tracked, thus user will be able to see how many scans have been made to his unique QR code

ProfPlus also make it easy to generate your resume in digital format. Your resume is just one click away. No need of any additional software programs and no hassle to update resume information time to time. Just a click and your updated resume will be downloaded. You can also choose from a wide variety of resume formats to meet your job requirement.

— Anuj Sharma, CEO ProfPlus.

Our Approach

ProfPlus makes it easy to share your profile information using easy to remember url with username or unique QR code.

You can easily track every unique and total profile visits to your profile. Every single QR code scan is tracked thus you will have insights of every scan of your unique QR code

No hassle to use word processing documents or any additional software programs to write your resume. Your resume is just one click away with updated data.

Why to pay for resume generation if you can generate it for free without any hassle. ProfPlus enables resume generation free of cost for every user.

Choose from wide variety of profile templates and resume formats to meet your profile. Decorate your profile with different colors according to your choice

Have freedom to customize your profile information the way you like.

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Our Features

Unique Url

Every account registered will have a unique url with unique username to easy to remember and direct sharing of profile.

Unique QR code

Unique QR code is a digital mean of sharing. Unique QR code can be downloaded from dashboard or profile page.

Resume download

Generate and download your resume with one click. No need to write resume again and again.

Variety of Profile Templates

Choose from a variety of profile templates to match your profile. Give a different look to your profile every day.

Color Themes

Choose from different color combinations to match your profile. Customize your profile with different color themes.

Matching Resume Formats

Download your resume in different formats of your choice and need. We have a wide range of resume formats to choose from.


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